What is this site about ?

GW2 Organizer.com is an event organizer tool tailor-made for Guild Wars 2 . Users can create new events, or register for existing ones.
There are Public Events listed on servers and to which everyone can register, and Private Guild Events that can be access only by your guild's members.

For example you want go through Ascalonian Catacombs next friday at 9pm, with a team of 5 players containing at least 1 Guardian, no more than 2 Warriors, everyone being at least lvl35.
You will be able to create an event called "Ascalonian Catacombs VQ !", choose the right time to do it, the server you are playing on, lvl35+, event type Dungeon, and even a prefered language and whether you want people to use VoIP (Teamspeak, mumble ...).
Other users will see your event in the Public Events On [server] list, and will register if they want to come :-). GW2 Organizer will prevent people from registering with a character that does not match the rules that you set (1+ Guardian, no more than 2 warriors...)

In order to have max details, events can have a description attached, and a discussion thread is open.

Why shoud I sign up ?

Signing up is the only way of accessing most of GW2 Organizer's features. You will be able to
  • Create events and/or register for them
  • Talk on events pages
  • Register your guild and create its private events page
  • Join guilds that you have joined In Game and access to their private pages
  • View users profiles
  • Send and recieve private messages

What are private guild events ?

Private Guild Events are events that only your guild's members can see, and register for. A private page contains them and lets you access to them in 1 click.
Once a Guild Leader has registered his guild on GW2 Organizer, members can apply to join it. Offiers and leader are able to validate memberships in order to prevent unwanted people to access guild's events.

Several management tools are available for leaders and officers.

Can I have an event page on my guild's website ?

Yes !

You can activate access to your guild's events for third-party websites (eg your guild's site). A small code sample will be generated for you to add in your HTML or PHP code, and CSS in order to customize the events display.
This will let you display the list of private guild events with their main information. However, users will not be able to register for them from your website. Each event will be displayed with a direct link to its page onGW2 Organizer.