Report inappropriate content

If you see that a dishonest user submitted inappropriate content to the site, you should contact us, and we will take prompt action to remove it.
Inappropriate content can be but is not limited to :
  • Apology of crimes against humanity
  • Incitement to racial hatred
  • Child pornography
  • Incitement to violence
  • Violation of human dignity
  • Illegal gambling
Please do not use this form for any purpose other than reporting illegal content.

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Report bug

We are doing our best for this site to be free of malfunction but if you happen to encounter one, please let us know. If the bug is confirmed, we will fix it.
In order to let us provide a best service level, make sure that the behaviour that you are reporting is a bug and not a normal behaviour: the more false reports we get, the less time we have to handle real ones.

Here is a list of questions that you may ask :
  • I can't register for an event: whenever I click on the button, nothing happens.
    In order to register for an event, you need to choose one of your characters in the dropdown list next to the "Register" button. If the list is empty, check that you added all of you character to GW2 Organizer (here), and check the list of "professions that can still register" in the event's properties.
    Also, events are displayed until their end dates. However, you will not be able to register once they have begun.
  • I joined a guild but I can't see it's event page.
    Once you have applied for joining a guild, you have to wait for its leader or an officer to validate your application. Once this is done, you will gain access to this guild's event page. You can check you application status here.
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Guild, character name issue

We can't prevent dishonest players from registering a Guild, or a Character that isn't his.
It someone stole your guild or character name, take a screenshot and sent it to us using this form.

Translation help or suggestions

- The guy who develops this site could only write it in 2 languages. If you want to offer your help translating it to your mother tongue, let us know by using the link below and we'll be glad provide you with our language material.
There are 3 main blocks that need translation and can be dealt with separately :
  • Lists : professions, races, guild ranks and types of events
  • Index pages : here before and after login
  • Site elements : form labels, small sentences, titles ...
- As there is always room for improvement, you may have some nice ideas that you want to submit. Note that we have a list of new features waiting to be added, and some other that we choose not to implement; but in all cases we will give a serious review to your suggestion.

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